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Ricky Martin, 1991 Sony Music
  Ricky's first solo album.

Me Amaras, 1993 Sony Music Producer: Juan Carlos Calderon

A Medio Vivir, 1995 Sony Music Producers: KC Porter and Ian Blake

Vuelve, 1998 Sony Music Producers: KC Porter and Robi Rosa
  This CD won a Grammy in 1999.

Ricky Martin, 1999 Sony Music, Columbia
  Ricky's first English-language album.

Sound Loaded, 2000 Sony Music

La Historia, 2001 Sony Music
  A compilation of some of Ricky's best Spanish songs from his previous albums. Two of the songs are remakes.

Here are some other songs that Ricky has recorded:

1996 Ricky did a remake of the Beatles Hey Jude and Day Tripper

1996 Paul Anka's Diana
1996 Voces Unidas, Puedes Llegar with Gloria Estafan, Jon Secada, Julio Eglesias, Placido Domingo, Roberto Carlos, Jose Luis Rodriguez, Patricia Sosa, Alejandro Fernandez and Carlos Vives
1997 Hercules, Disney (Not only was Ricky the voice of Hercules for the Spanish version , Ricky recorded the theme song for the movie , No Importa La Distancia)

1998 Ricky performs La Copa De La Vida at the 1998 Soccer World Cup, which was the offical song for the 1998 games.