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Real Name:  Enrique Martin Morales IV  
Born in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico on Christmas Eve, December 24,1971
His Mother: Nereida Morales; His Father: Enrique Martin Negroni
Siblings: Fernando, Angel, Eric, Vanessa and Daniel


After being turned down twice for being too short, finally, at age 12, Ricky  became a member of Menudo, the Latin boy-band phenomenon  for 5 years. During these 5 years Ricky lived one of his many dreams, performing on stage to sold out concert halls across the world. In 1989,  he left the group to return to Puerto Rico, finish school and take some time off for himself.

 Acting Career

Ricky began acting at the very young age of  6 doing commercials. He also sang in choir when he was young and performed in school plays. While Ricky was with Menudo, they all had a spot on the American TV show  The Love Boat.  Ricky stared in the long-running musical play Mama Ama El Rock. In 1992 Ricky stared in the Mexican daytime series Alcanzar Una Estrella . The success of this show lead to a feature film of the same name. For his performance as Pablo in the feature film version, Ricky earned a Heraldo, which is the equivalent of a Academy Award. In 1993, Ricky appeared in an episode of Getting By, an American sitcom. He was Miguel Morez on General Hospital for two years.  He also starred in Broadway's Les Miserables.  Ricky has done many commercials for Pepsi including a commercial filmed with Janet Jackson. When asked if he would like to continue acting, Ricky states that right now music is his first passion.